Torque Specs for Disc Brake Swap

Brake Backing Plate to Spindle

9-14 FT-LBS

Ball Joint to Spindle (Upper and Lower)

75-90 FT-LBS*

Wheel Bearing Adjusting Nut

17-25 FT-LBS^

Caliper to Spindle (Upper and Lower)

90-120 FT-LBS

* Torque to a minimum specification, then tighten nut to nearest cotter pin slot and insert cotter pin.

^ Torque the adjusting nut to 17-25 ft-lbs. Locate nut lock on adjusting nut so castellations are aligned with cotter pin hole in spindle. Then back off adjusting nut and nut lock so the next castellation aligns with the cotter pin hole.

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