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My Car - Snapshot!

August 2006

  Welcome to the SNAPSHOT!!!!! section. Here, I will post new pictures of my car as I progress
in my Ford Falcon restoration, with big plans for the future..........

First off finished the door panels up. Used 4 mil plastic as vapor barrier, panels and all the trimmings installed. Happy with the Dearborn Classics door panels... All holes are pre cut or outlined. Only issue was no holes existed for the Futura door panel emblems... But easy enough to measure and punch.

After that radio was wired in. The fixed radio switch works PERFECTLY! You turn on the AM radio, and the hidden stereo's faceplate comes to life!

With the rear seat in the bass from rear speakers is top notch.

Just have some wiring issues to work out... Then I'll get kick panels with speakers installed, front seats... And interior will be done.

Mike in Chicago

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