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My car in Summer of 1992 (Before I owned it)


My car in December of 1998

My car was rebuilt at one time using a 1964 Falcon Hardtop for parts. By the time I got the car, many of these parts, like the 1964 grill, were replaced with the correct 1965 parts. I did very little to the exterior of the car when I owned it, and much of what I want to do won't be done for some time, since I'd rather concentrate on doing the restoration/modification to the backbone of the car; namely the moving parts and unseen undercarriage sections.

The interior and exterior bodywork will be done by a professional, since professional bodyshops have access to more resources coupled with more experience. Hey, even though it's my car, I can't hog all the fun!

I have nothing but parts for the restoration now: Hood, trunklid, rechromed bumpers, rubber seals, front rock deflector, a new passenger door, etc.  Lots of fun on the way!  


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