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My Car - Snapshot!

October 2001

Time left until car goes into body shop for paint:

Welcome to the SNAPSHOT!!!!! section. Here, I will post new pictures of my car as I progress in my Ford Falcon restoration, with big plans for the future..........

In this section, I hope to chronicle the restoration process.  Hope you enjoy the show, and email me if you have any ideas!

The weather is starting to go south, and now I'm trying to finish up the little things after work.  One of the major "little things" is to gather all of the loose parts that can be reused and bag them, then store them in boxes which will be kept in the basement over the winter.

This is also the start of the paint prepping process.  While doing that, the last of the disassembly occurs, mainly for the doors.  All of the door opening mechanisms, loose rust removal, and window channel and vent window rehab happen now.  Below is a replacement vent window for the driver's door.  The old window latch rusted and got so tight it broke off in my hand!  Had to fix that....


The engine compartment sees very little work right now, (another reason why this car will never be done, headers, exhaust, sway bar, and sparkplug wires happen after the body..) but I managed to snag a Ford Falcon export brace for the car off of Ebay.  This Falcon export brace is NOT the same as a Mustang brace!

  If you look below, you can really see how it opens up the engine compartment and shows off that Geo Metro booster.

Another little needed little thing: clean the car!  an hour of vacuuming got all the nasty paint dust out of the car.

Mike in Chicago

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