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My Car - Snapshot!

November 2001

Time left until car goes into body shop for paint:

  Welcome to the SNAPSHOT!!!!! section. Here, I will post new pictures of my car as I progress
in my Ford Falcon restoration, with big plans for the future..........

  Well, I made it!  The Falcon is as you see it, resting in the garage until the body man is ready
to start on it.  John at Quality 1 Auto body and repair is closing his shop to paint two race cars, and he
is going to throw my Falcon in with them!

  Here is a summary of the work done to the car:

  • Disassembled the car by removing the interior, all bolt on body parts, trim, and removed the
    windshield and rear glass.
  • Removed and welded in new floor out of a 1965 four door Falcon.
  • Removed and welded in rust free used passenger torque box.
  • Removed cowl top, welded in cowl floor metal from donor car, welded cowl top from donor car on
    to my car.
  • Removed lower front section of rear quarter pannels and replaced with rear four door skins.
  • Used the 65 four door Falcon body parts to create over 15 separate patches and welded into car.
  • Replaced passenger door, driver's door vent window, rear passenger window and crank mechanism/regulator, hood, front quarters, and trunk lid.
  • Removed all exterior paint down to bare metal, in some places removing up to 6 layers of paint!  A
    light layer of primer protects the body from surface rust.

  The primer on my car will be wire brushed off by the body shop, then self etching primer and build primer will be applied.  The car will then be straightened, and painted basecoat/clearcoat 1976 Corvette yellow.

Mike in Chicago

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