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My Car - Snapshot!

May 2006 Part 2

  Welcome to the SNAPSHOT!!!!! section. Here, I will post new pictures of my car as I progress
in my Ford Falcon restoration, with big plans for the future..........

Not much to report

The seats were taken over to be recovered... They said give them 3 weeks. 1 week later, they're DONE Shocked

Need to go over and pick them up - but what sucks is I now need to store them as the car is weeks away from being able to accept the seats.

Annnyway biggest thing I did this weekend was test, tweak, and install the radio where it needs to go. Works great, original AM radio clicks on and powers the hidden stereo real well. Power antenna hooked up and goes up/down when radio turned on/off/car turned off.

Pic of the 10 disc CD changer in trunk. Wanted to mount it high but interference with trunk springs nixed that:

Ran the CD changer cable up to front. Will use rubber grommet where I drilled the hole in rear seat floor pan extension and some tape to afix the cable to floor. Dynamat will go on floor (will cut channel for cable) then carpet:

Shots of the original AM radio with the secretaudio head unit attached:

All of this fits underdash... Don't think there's much hope of putting speakers in original dash speaker location but you have room to fit the Am radio/secretaudio head unit combo:

And finally the radio mounted with knobs attached:

As you can see a lot to still do, but next is to strip the lower part of dash and repaint. From there, new dash plastic and column goes back in. Then interior starts to go together with new carpet, door panels, seats, etc. Still lots of little stuff left along with that but working on it!

Mike in Chicago

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