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My Car - Snapshot!

June 2006 Part 3

  Welcome to the SNAPSHOT!!!!! section. Here, I will post new pictures of my car as I progress
in my Ford Falcon restoration, with big plans for the future..........

Had a chance today to continue to blitz the car. A lot of little things. Most of it was trying to stay on top of the painting schedule, as I needed to wait about an hour or so between coats.

First off got some spot and glazing putty onto the car and sanded down. After that I dressed it with primer and with the need to wait 4 hours for it to fully cure, started working on other things.

Finally some color! It's rattle can but I put on 3 coats, with the last coat being nice and thick. Sanded both of these parts with 400 grit and wiped down with tac cloth before I shot the black.

After those were shot I started working on the rear seat panels that dress the side windows. After wire wheeling them clean I had some nasty ripples from who knows what. Damnit, bodywork again...

Don't know about you guys with V8s in their Falcons but my mufflers are right under the rear seat, which allows for great resonance in the floorbaords. I picked up this large insulation piece from a 89-96 Mercury Cougar. It sits under the rear seat and is 1/2" thick insulation with a plastic backing that protects from accidental spills. Nabbed it for $5 at the local pick n' pull

Grabbing my trusty shears I then measured the space under the rear seat bottom and got cutting. The stuff is nice and maleable, and follows the contour of the floor real well. Plastic side up.

After the fit, I removed it as I'm doing additional work and don't want it damaged. You can see I painted the rear torque box covers I installed a few weeks back with some primer.

With the leftover insulation I cut it up to build patched to fit behind the rear seat brace. These patches are glued in place with 3M Hi strength 90 (contact cement)


After that trimmed up my package tray cover. I ended up redoing it as it was a real tight fit and it didn't fit under the rear glass seal correctly. I also took the opportunity to trim some sheetmetal so the rear deck speakers will fit better.

Notice the side "site holes" in the rear seat support are now filled with those insulation pieces I installed.

Dash is dry - time for paint! Four coats of gloss black dresses up the dash. Unfortunately, I have two runs...  I'll sand and reshoot those next time.

My friend Jeff is helping me out next Saturday to get the headliner in, so I'll have install details then for that.

First batch of parts is in so my carpet, floor mats, and rear door panels are in.

The "A" piller interior covers are at the plater now getting stripped and replated. ETA for those two weeks.

Sooo, apart from parts chasing things are going pretty well. Gotta call up the vendors and see where my other parts are...

Mike in Chicago

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