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My Car - Snapshot!

June 2006 Part 2

  Welcome to the SNAPSHOT!!!!! section. Here, I will post new pictures of my car as I progress
in my Ford Falcon restoration, with big plans for the future..........

OK lots of little things done

My radio idea needed a little tweaking. Looks like my placement of the relay to power the hidden radio needed to be moved to back of original AM radio as it was stopping me from being able to actuate the heating controls... oops.

After that I mount the radio and bend up a handy bracket for back of the radio so everything lines up in dash. The dash plastic you see is a newly replated piece by PDQ - I'm using it here just to make sure radio is mounted correctly. It comes right off after the mock up but it will be the final piece used in car.

After that radio and plate came off, and I wire wheel the dash to pull all of the old paint and rust off of the dash. Same with glove box door and ash tray.

After that finally went around and finished seam sealing the floor - especially the plates I welded in a few updates ago.

Masking up the dash for painting. In end I have protection on shift boot too..

Have I mentioned I HATE bodywork.... Well, after 40 years I have a few holes and dents in my dash. Time to address them. A little filler and some sanding time gets the dash ready for primer.

And finally ready for a few coats of primer....

After this need some spot and glazing putty and some more primer. From there the dash will be painted black again.

This is the last of the tear down I need to do. After the dash paint I can start putting on all these new parts I have for the car and it starts to look like an interior again - thank God.

Mike in Chicago

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