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My Car - Snapshot!

July 2006

  Welcome to the SNAPSHOT!!!!! section. Here, I will post new pictures of my car as I progress
in my Ford Falcon restoration, with big plans for the future..........

I'm getting close to being able to have this car look like a car...

Headliner is in but still needs to be "tweaked" - I have one or two sags in C pillar portion and I'm still waiting for A pillar covers to come back from the platers. Thanks to my friend Jeff for helping me with the headliner.

In Hindsight I really think it's worth getting the headliner installed *before* the windshield/rear glass... It would have allowed me to get the headliner a lot smoother. If you guys have some good tips and tricks to get the headliner nice and smooth I'm all ears

After the headliner was set I started working from the rear of the vehicle forward. Package tray first. This is one of those areas I'm glad I could revisit as I always had good ideas for this area but was never able to do them as I either had no money or no patience (sometimes a little of both at once).
I started by using that Mercury Cougar insulation and cut a piece to glue to underside of package tray area:

From here I mounted the 6 X 9 speakers from the top and used the plastic speaker grille "ring" as a template to make new rings out of 1/4" plywood. A quick shot of semi gloss black pretties them up:

I glued in the insulation and then used these rings on the under side of the package tray on top of the insulation. The speaker bolts go through these plywood rings and when tightened, make a nice, strong mount. The speaker wiring is tucked under the rings to keep the wires away from obstruction/hanging down.

I used more 1/4 inch ply to make a new package tray top. Joanne's Fabrics had the heavy Vinyl I needed, and I covered the new package tray wit the Vinyl. I think it'll look good with the new recovered black vinyl seats:

After that I gave the trunk and package tray area a good scrubbing with some soap and water. Lots of dust and crud in the car.

Last but not least the dash painting is complete - now I can start getting the new rechromed plastic dash on and new components onto the dash.

Should have a bit more to show next update.

Mike in Chicago

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