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My Car - Snapshot!

July 2006 Part 3

  Welcome to the SNAPSHOT!!!!! section. Here, I will post new pictures of my car as I progress
in my Ford Falcon restoration, with big plans for the future..........

Got a bit done this weekend. Started with cleaning and dying these rear arm rests black.

From here worked on finishing the carpet install. Overall pretty happy with the carpet set - fits very nicely and pretty easy to get hardware installed through it. The dynamat is in same boat - real easy to find the holes I needed in floorboard.

Thanks to all who commented the hardtop carpet needs the vinyl pieces under rear seat. Shot over to Home Despot and picked up some particle board and crafted the panels I needed. Covered them with vinyl I used on package tray. 3M Hi-Strength 90 holds vinyl and finished board to car.

After I got the boards in I tidied up by getting firewall insulation in and getting the shifter boot and chrome dress up ring onto the shifter.

Never realized how the boot gives you slight resistance when shifting - shifter feels really good now.

Last bit is starting work on rehabbing the used center console. A quick coat of vinyl paint and then I'll get the new lid chrome strip in.

On my last report I explained the radio on/off knob died on me. Well, told an old Telco guy at work about problem and he asked me to bring in radio.

In about 5 minutes he had switch out and disassembled. In another 30 min he ran down to local radio shack, picked up needed parts, and was reassembling the switch. He needs to graft some new parts into the mechanism of old switch so I should hear if the switch is repaired in a day or so. Very cool stuff and a nice crash course in radio switches.

Keep your fingers crossed - if all goes well my AM radio idea will live!

Other thing is test fit the kick panels with speaker holes sold from major vendors. I have an issue as the side of panel isn't tall enough and leaves a gap where side of panel in door jamb meets the dash.

Mike in Chicago

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