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My Car - Snapshot!

July 2006 Part 2

  Welcome to the SNAPSHOT!!!!! section. Here, I will post new pictures of my car as I progress
in my Ford Falcon restoration, with big plans for the future..........

Roll up windows are cleaned, greased, and aligned:

With that done time to start getting the dash done. Glove box installed and started working from the passenger side toward the driver's side:

I did get the A pillar covers rechromed by a local outfit here in Chicago. Called around to Harley Davidson stores and got a lead to replaters they use. They came out pretty nice. The three long pieces were rechromed for just under $200.

I took my old instrument cluster and rebuilt it using the new, rechromed plastic. In hindsight I should have bought a new plastic lense for it as I would have gotten the small circles in middle of gauges in chrome plus it took a while to polish the scratches out of the plastic over the speedometer.

I didn't install the cluster as I found some electrical gremlins. First off, my fuel gauge pegs past full when I connect the gauge wires (tried connecting wires both ways) - Traced the wires and all looks ok. I think I need a new voltage regulator. If not, well, might be my sender (hope not).

Also my turn signal indicator light in gauge cluster comes on permanently when parking lights on... oops, my fault.

I also had to kill my cool radio idea... The power switch on AM Radio seesm to have given up the ghost - I rewired the radio so it bypasses the relay I put in. Damn shame, least I tried tho Wink

OK moved on after finding the "issues" and sponged the floor clean to pick up the dust (after a good vacuum):

After letting the floor dry, I cracked open the dynamat I bought online and did the floor. I bought the Xtreme Dynamat bulk pack. I know there has been a lot of discussion here about what to use, but my experience with this Dynamat product is really good: It self adheres, very easy to shape, forms well to floorpan, and you can cut the stuff with scissors!

After doing the area of floor where carpet will sit I had enough to do two patches where mufflers are under rear seat. Figured a good place to put extra, and along with the insulation I got from 89 Cougar it should help with the interior noise:

Some might notice the mouse traps... Yep, they got in and were living IN MY NEW HEADLINER!!! Evil or Very Mad I got the steering column in and when I got the radio in I blasted the radio. They didn't like that - a little sucker ran out and bolted for steering column... To find I put the column in.

The mouse then went right down the speedometer hole - amazing what those suckers can fit through. Thanks to the dynamat I think I got all the holes now. The traps should catch any other still in the car.

After that I dry fit the carpet. I got the carpet from Dearborn Classics (looks like they farm out the work) and I have to say I'm happy with the carpet so far. Compared to the JC Whitney stuff I had before the jute is definitely thicker, and the carpet all around is a nicer fit.

Mike in Chicago

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