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My Car - Snapshot!

April 2006

  Welcome to the SNAPSHOT!!!!! section. Here, I will post new pictures of my car as I progress
in my Ford Falcon restoration, with big plans for the future..........

I have the week off so the interior blitz has begun! I'm aiming at getting the car interior done and the car driveable for the nationals in July.

First pics are the final mock up. Taurus seats with Thunderbird reclining mechanism (a little research needed but both front seats are power with lumbar air bag!), factory center console (thanks TJ!), original radio (will have hide-a-way radio) and old Moon tach.


The manual is a Modern Driveline T-5 with the S-10 tailshaft so you can see where the shifter comes through floor.

The interior was then completely removed. The seats have been sent out to Riggs brothers to be recovered (same guys who did the sn65 project - www.sn65.com) The front and rears will have same pattern/vinyl as original - so the Taurus seats should blend right into the interior.

I also did a little work to the tilt steering column. Decided to attach the firewall sheet metal pieces to column for a quick, slick install (have welder will travel) - white stuff is seam sealer.

Also wanted a quick shot of the center console bracket I fabbed up.

Still lots to do - but the car only gets prettier from here!

Mike in Chicago

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