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Laura Ventura's 1963 Falcon Futura Hardtop


San Jose, California

I got my car about six years ago. At the time I thought I was looking for a Thunderbird, and when I went to test drive one the seller said to me "Honey, this is to much car for you," and told me I should think of something that "fit me better". I mentioned to him I like Falcons (I used to pass by a house every day on the way to work that had a beautiful red futura).  He told me he had a friend who was thinking of selling his because he was trying to buy a house.

I called about the Falcon and the owner  told me to come look at it. When he told me the address, I said "Oh my god!  Is it red ?  I pass by that car everyday!"

His wife felt that it was meant to be that I have the car. It was hard for him to part with it but he finally sold me that beautiful red Futura! I've loved that car ever since.

I have had a person wave money at me on the freeway gesturing that he wanted the car, and  many admirers and potential buyers approach me  when its been in a parking lot at a store. I've come out to see a note on the windshield by someone interested in it. Once a man chased me all around downtown while I was looking for a parking space! ( I didn't see him running on foot after me).  He finally caught up with me and said he used to have car just like mine when he was younger. He tried for a couple of months to buy my car, but I said no!

Laura Ventura


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