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Dave & Joy's 1963 Sedan

Newbury NH

Its a 1963 Ford Falcon 2dr. sedan.  It has 84,000mi on a 170 3spd.  I've been
all over this car and as far as I can tell its all original but the paint. 

I've had a lot of Falcons, I like them , there easy to work on (unlike
today's cars) plus I'm a Ford guy.  I also have a 64 Fairlane I've had since

When I go somewhere I'm always looking in back yards just to see what
someone has, well I was on my way to a friends house (I went a different way
this time) and about 1/2mi from his house sitting beside a garage was this
63(he called it a 62) Falcon. I haven't seen one around here for quite
a while. I stopped and asked if it might be for sale, the guy said yes (oh
boy). I LOOKED it over, we talked, he said he was the third owner and that it
was always in town (Loudon NH). He said that it runs good but there's a fuel
problem. He wanted $2,000 for it, I said I would have to talk to my wife and
gave him $100 to hold it. That night he called and said that he would take
what he paid for it($1700). That was on a sat. and I towed it home Monday.

 The fuel problem was NO GAS in the tank. It run sweet, go down the road better than the ones I had in the 70's. NO rattles, no squeaks, no smoke. I think I got a GOOD DEAL on this one.

I got it late last fall and put about 1,000mi on it. Took it to work a few
times and just cruising in the coon.
My wife (Joy) said LEAVE IT ALONE!! you have a hot rod (my Fairlane) so I'll leave it stock and put a set of mags on it and drive it.

P.S. I only had it about a week, it was in the driveway and some guy stopped
and offered me $2,500 for it. I said NO!!!! He also said I have one sweet
Falcon there.



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