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Don Hill's 1962 Sport Futura


I wanted to build a pavement burning street rod, but did not want the typical pro-street look of stripped interior, roll cage, and motor sticking out through the hood.   The box tube frame, ladder bars & coil-overs, fuel cell, fat tires, and 351C are well hidden.  This sleeper is actually a street legal drag car.

Virtually everything in the interior has been replaced.  The seats are re-upholstered with tweed and vinyl, but retain the factory look.  I still have to repaint and have the chrome re-plated.  The sound system is a Nakamichi head unit (in the glove box) with a Boss 1200 watt amp powering four JBL speakers and an Infinity Kappa 12Ē subwoofer.

The motor is a highly work BOSS 351C that develop 600 HP.  It is internally balanced, with long rods, titanium valves, Ross 11:1 pistons, Crower roller rockers, and a Lunati cam with .636 lift. 

There are far too many modifications to list here.  The custom fabricated Tubular Automotive headers are a work of art.  The C6 transmission has been rebuilt for drag racing and has a 10Ē converter that locks at 3,500 RPM (at which point the motor is producing about 420 lbs. of torque).

The narrowed 9Ē rear contains 31 spline Strange axles, Richmond 3.89 gears, and a Detroit locker with Cosworth springs.  All this is held in place with Art Morrison ladder bars, coil-overs, and panhard bar.

As well, there are four-wheel disk brakes and Granada/Mustang front suspension and steering.  The shock towers have been modified with the Crites kit to make room for the motor.

Itís a pretty wild car, but I feel Iíve been successful in maintaining a fairly stock look.  In retrospect there are many things I would have done differently, but thatís another story!  The car desperately needs a paint job.

Don Hills


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