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Carlos Artalejo's 1964 Falcon Futura Hardtop


Nogales Sonora

Hi my name is Carlos Artalejo, from Nogales Sonora, I would really like for you to include this pics on your Falcon gallery.


My car is a 65 Ford Falcon Futura, it has a mild 302, Edelbrock intake and a 750cfm carburetor, it also has a modified C4 tranny with a B&M Prostick, Weld Wheels: 15x3.5 in front 15x8 in the back, the car has been lowered, it has front disks, the interior is velour black with gray (checkered flag style) Gasses are routed true 3 inch Flowmasters.

I really enjoy driving this car, and once in a while beat unsuspected Camaros, Mustangs, and Mopars at the stop lights.

Thanks, you are doing a great job with your page, in my opinion is one of the bests out there! keep up the good work!

Thanks again and Regards,


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